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Crowns by our dental office are designed and placed with the appearance and function of your smile in mind!  Results are so natural, you may forget there was ever a need for dental work to begin with!


Why do I need a crown?

There are several reasons for dentists to recommend a crown.

A crown is a dental restoration that may be used to reinforce a tooth

when cracks and fracture lines are present and it is at risk for a break,

to attach a dental bridge, or to restore a tooth after a root canal.

A crown protects and strengthens tooth structure that cannot be

restored with fillings or other types of restorations.  If you’ve had

dental implants placed, crowns will be the visible restoration that looks

and acts as your tooth replacement.


What is involved?

Crowns usually involve two appointments.  The first visit is generally the longer appointment and involves removing any residual tooth decay and old filling material and shaping of the tooth.  Accurate impressions are taken in order for our master technician to custom make your restoration.  A provisional or temporary crown will be made to protect your tooth during the fabrication process.  The second visit is 7-10 days later where the temporary crown is removed, the tooth clean and your new restoration carefully placed and fitted to ensure the spacing and bite are accurate.


There are several different types of materials that can be used to make a

crown with porcelain being the most common since it resembles a natural

tooth.  They are very durable and resilient but like most dental

restorations, they may need to be replaced.  With the skilled artful

placement of Dr. Wang and good oral hygiene habits, a dental crown is

meant to be a long lasting, unnoticeable dental solution.