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Payment Options

For your convenience, we accept cash, personal cheques,  major credit and debit cards.  Payment is expected at the time services are performed and will be requested after each appointment . When more extensive dental care is necessary, financial arrangements can be made with our office. 
We will provide you with a written estimate for major treatment with the understanding that the final costs for services may vary due to unforeseen circumstance.


A fee of 2.0% interest per month (24% per annum) will be charges on accounts 30 or more days overdue.



Dental insurance plans are a valuable extended health benefit to offset some of the costs associated with dental care.  Understanding your plan (especially financial and frequency limits) will help you avoid surprise costs.  We remind you that your specific policy is an agreement between you and your insurance company. With all the different plans that exist, keeping track of all the nuances of your particular plan is extremely difficult.  Please keep in mind that you are responsible for your total obligation should your insurance benefits result in less coverage than anticipated.

As a courtesy to our patients, our practice accepts most dental insurance programs for basic services only (Plan A services such as exams, cleanings, fillings and extractions).  Our accounting staff will prepare all the necessary forms for your dental benefits.   The fees charged for services rendered to those who are insured are the usual and customary fees charged to all our patients for similar services. Your policy may base its allowances on a fixed fee schedule, which may or may not coincide with our usual fees. You should be aware that different insurance companies vary greatly in the types of coverage available. Also, some companies take care of claims promptly while others delay payment for several months.